Dating disasters and how to avoid them


It totally ignores the actual deficiencies such as iron, to concentrate on minor nutrients such as boron.This nutrient is needed for bone health, but the amount we need is so low as to be of negligible interest.Some give advice that could lead to anaemia and weakened bones.Posing as a working mum with low energy, I went to five sites and presented the same case history.

This diet cuts out whole swathes of foods that help to your nutritional intake.

There are many sites which claim they can help improve health and reduce weight without ever having met their client and possibly without having any relevant qualifications.

Misleading: The advice offered by some online diets flies in the face of conventional thinking on healthy eating But some of the advice I received was simply wrong and potentially dangerous.

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Avoid oily fish, cut out all dairy foods, use more supplements: it's the kind of advice that flies in the face of conventional thinking on healthy eating.

Low energy can lead to reduced activity, and consequently high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels. We asked dietician Catherine Collins to evaluate the online recommendations and rate them out of five. The claims: Through a dietary assessment and analysis of a urine sample, they can 'assess your current health, address any nutritional imbalances and eliminate unwanted toxins'. The urine test revealed poor fat metabolism, indicating that my gall bladder and liver are not working correctly because of an overload of toxins in my diet.

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