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I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I just needed to vent it out somewhere.

All I ask is that you please reconsider your advice to us missionary girlfriends before you start handing them out.

Frankly, she could care less and that is the last story she would ever want to hear and that would be the last words you would ever say to her. Don't tell her that things will change between the both of them.

It's not like she hasn't heard this before and in her eyes, the only way things will change, if BY SOME FREEKIN MIRACLEdo, it will only change by growing more. Don't ever give her scenarios"If another dream guy comes along, and he steals your heart, will you still wait for your missionary!?

I have been home off my mission for almost two years now, I have got a degree and purchased a home, and now I am now ready to find the special one. People want to spend eternity with someone that will make them feel better, not bum them out. Once a couple is “exclusive”, by definition the relationship moves, even if very slowly.

Lol But apparently that guy got Dear John'ed and so his whole talk was based on why there should be no such thing as Missionary Girlfriends/Boyfriends.

He told all the missionaries that come Monday, which was the next day, that whatever they got in the mail was going to determine their relationship with that special person.

The time to start getting serious about dating is when your ready for marriage.

Mostly the Boyfriend-Girlfriend conversation happens with kids under 18.(I only ever actually asked 2 girls to commit to a serious relationship: Maria my 5th grade girlfriend – for about a week – who I asked to “Go with Me” – that’s what we called it, which was very lame because we weren’t actually “going” anywhere; and the Future Sister Jo – that was a Marriage Proposal)For many the “Serious” status is just implied. 8) More Dating – this is where you had better be talking about actually Hopes, Goals and Dreams: How many kids? How would you like to spend your Retirement Years and How are you going to get there?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you need to be out of the apartment.(Seriously, if you’re reading this and you don’t have a date lined up for the next three weekends, stop right now and pick up the phone and make some dates. You both discuss that neither of you has any interest in dating anyone else, or at the very least confess that neither of you IS dating anyone else. I award you no points, and may God have Mercy on Your Soul.

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