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After the off-center prototype came the first production JTM45 amp heads, the first 40 made had a full white Vynair cloth fronts with smooth black tolex,metal logo, RS transformers, large black choke, leather handle and black pitched top Bulgin knobs.This amp still has its original grey RS Caps which pre date the Mustards.If you don't know what you're looking for, you can easily overpay or end up with an inferior (or even unplayable) instrument.When you buy a used or vintage instrument from The Minor Chord we guarantee it to be as described.

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Its interesting that the indicator light on these early models are very small (the oval ring RS will not fit) the amps also have regular gold string that's stapled into the top and bottom route line where as speaker cabs from this period often have mini gold T piece not stringing.This one has an RS deluxe out put transformer , Ally chassis , Gold plexi front panel with a White rear, the Gold "tad pol" piping around the cloth and under the logo board is very thin!The Silver and Black knobs are nick named CLAPTON KNOBS.Easy playing slim neck, the P-90 pickups have plenty of warmth for jazzy tones but can also bite in the bridge position. We hate to say it's about looks, but one can't deny the gold finish paired with the split parallelogram inlays and the floral cream pickguard is awesome!Epiphone marked it as a 2nd but the flaws are minor cosmetic.The late 65 to late 66 grey pinstripe 4x12s had leather handles to start with but also came later with metal side handles, the ceramic speakers were Celestion Green backs made in THAMES DITTON SURREY.

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