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Sapphire Glass – According to the last rumors, the new i Phone 7 may feature Sapphire glass instead of Corning’s Gorilla glass that is being used in current i Phone.Sapphire glass is pretty much tough glass which is not easily breakable and the company is already using it in i Watch.Therefore the new i Phone will probably feature 5.8 screen size with OLED display.As far as camera is concern, i Phone 7 will sport improved 13 megapixel primary i Sight camera with 8 megapixel secondary one.The first i Phone was released in 2007 and it was the most hyped consumer product followed by release of i Phone 3G, i Phone 3G S, i Phone 4, i Phone 4S, i Phone 5, i Phone 5S and 5C, i Phone 6, 6 Plus and now i Phone 6S.Have a look at the release dates of different i Phones.Wireless Charging – The rivals like Samsung is already offering wireless charging facility to the customer which is pretty much convenient.Samsung Galaxy S6 edge can be charged wirelessly and the customers have appreciated this facility.

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The Phone could be available in contract with mobile carriers but at this point of time it is pretty hard to predict which carrier will have the privilege.

After that tech giant follow ed different cycle wherein all the new i Phone were being released in the month of September. So assuming Apple going to follow same pattern for i Phone 7 as well, I can project the i Phone 7 release date will fall sometime during September 2016 however it again depend on the company’s strategies when they want to launch new i Phone in the market.

As far as specification is concern, there is not much news about it however since very new i Phone (except S’s and C’s versions) are launched with latest i OS. i OS 10 which possibly be announced latest by September 2016.

OLED display – The latest rumors suggest that the i Phone 7 may feature OLED display instead of LCD which is currently being used.

OLED screen generates its own light to illuminate however LCD screen requires back light to glow.

According to the rumors, the phone will be waterproofed to i P67 standard which is meant for making devices water and dust proof.

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