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With Muslim dating, the meetings have one goal: marriage.

Dating hindu muslim sikh site web dating separated man.

Dating a Muslim man - Parenting advice and information in England.

depends if u want to marry the guy.n if u r in love jus dnt giv a.

Dating a muslim man - If you’re looking for Dating a muslim man, you’re in the right place. Muslim Men Marry Christian Women A Day in the Life of a Muslim Man How Many Wives Can a Muslim Man Have?

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PNOC EC- Dating a muslim man problems Here is what you infidels need to know about dating a Muslim woman or man.

He is working over here for 1 year with an international US company. We met at a social event (which attracts mostly single people I guess) and swapped phone numbers. He went back to Jerusalem for a couple of weeks during which the texting continued and we met up on his return. The way he talks about his family/culture/religion sounds very traditional and I can't work out why having sex has suddenly become acceptable to him.

I know there is a stereotype of Muslim men coming over here and having sex with western women because it is easier/more acceptable in our culture.

Does this make a difference in terms of him potentially being after a UK passport?

To be honest, I don't think marriage is on the cards anyway.

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