Dating a ex boyfriends friend

I wouldn't have any interest in dating a good friend's ex. I would not date a woman who is friends with one of my ex-girlfriends.

I would not date a woman who is one of myfriend's ex-girlfriend.

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Sometimes, for whatever reason, a guy will break up with you but still ask to remain friends. You know each other, you share common interests, and you're already closer than most casual friends will ever be.

Especially if the ex-boyfriend still has some feelings for me. I believe in in 20 years after you've bin together and you found your soul mate would it really aquaintances dont last friends most good friends would want you to be happy. Dating a friend of an x is almost always a bad idea unless they're not going to be friends anymore, or already had a falling out. If you really care about someone, you don't try to make their life more difficult and dramatic right from day 1.

According to men that I know, most men would not date a woman who had previously went out with one of his good friends. Rs64 provided the polite version of the same response jimmoison4 gave. I'd be a little cautious about being played since this is pof luck There should be like a clause in AAguy to always do the exact opposite of anything Aloha says. I would have to agree with what several other posters have mentioned.

End up seeing how much of a hycropite you are, if at all :)I personally wouldn't have a problem if one of my bros dated one of my ex .....

Personally I would never date a man that was friends with an ex-boyfriend.

From that point, it's an easy transition to jump from friends back to lovers again. There's no such thing as a mutual break up, as one person will always have some sort of residual feelings for the other.

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