Dads against daughters dating democrats t shirt

Your kith and kin have gathered at your beautiful abode, bringing presents, mirth, and a spirit of true Christmas gladness.

Your sister Deanna brought her famous figgy pudding, which — even though it sounds disgusting and what the heck is figgy pudding anyway and isn’t it trespassing if a bunch of random people won’t leave your house until they get some?

Your Uncle Fred, who actually tells funny stories about his time in the service, has been served just the right amount of perfectly-aged scotch, and he’s in the midst of recounting one of his many humorous anecdotes about his time in Vietnam and the kind of trouble he and his platoon got into.

Trump's statement was part of a string of tweets that shook up the morning news cycle as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, his deputy Rod Rosenstein and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson geared up for high-stakes Capitol Hill hearings.

The president's mention of a massive drop in Americans receiving their medical insurance through the Affordable Care Act refers to a report issued Monday night by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – he agency that oversees the program.

Last year that rate was 12.6 per cent, although it was measured according to a slightly different timetable that included all of the month of March.

It's unclear why the Trump administration chose a different formula this time.

It's obstruction,' he claimed during a photo-op before his lunch with GOP senators.

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