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Being proactive is better than closing down school at the first threat, Trump said."What are you going to do tomorrow and the next day and the day after that?

-- Former Kentucky star Rex Chapman told a newspaper that school officials tried to stop him from dating black women or at least "hide it" rather than inflame fans."There were certain aspects of my time there that were really ugly," Chapman, who is white, said in a story published by The Courier-Journal on Monday.

De Wine's office created a list of best practices for emergencies after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in late 2012. State law only requires that schools submit a safety plan and a floor plan once every three years.

Currently, those plans are submitted to the Ohio Department of Education then shared with law enforcement officials through a statewide database accessible only by police officers.

Consultant Trump acknowledged the tough choices facing school administrators – especially with pressure from parents – but said it is important for schools to have a team trained in threat assessment so the best choice can be made.

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"We're going to put the safety of kids and staff above everything else.

In the past month, the Ohio Department of Homeland Security has sounded the alarm three times on widespread bomb threats affecting multiple schools across the state. Fox wouldn't say how many schools received threats or whether they were related.

Last Tuesday, several schools reported bomb threats, including Cincinnati, Fairfield, Forest Hills, Kenton County, Lebanon, Middletown and Mansfield. But homeland security officials only become involved if there is an usual pattern or widespread problem, he added.

To reduce the amount of threats, he said schools should go out of their way to explain to kids the consequences of making fake threats."If they are school age, there are going to be suspensions and expulsions," he said.

"Most likely they are going to be facing criminal charges, including felonies."He noted one district reached out to students to educate them about potential punishments if they are caught making threats.

Homeland security officials notified Ohio Department of Education staff and FBI agents of the threats. The decision to evacuate is left to local officials, as there is no statewide policy.

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