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D4) End Sub Protected Overrides Sub Def Wnd Proc(By Ref m As System.

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D4) End Sub fs Modifiers [in] Type: UINT The keys that must be pressed in combination with the key specified by the u Virt Key parameter in order to generate the WM_HOTKEY message.

NET however I got it to work with 2 hotkeys I tried just adding in the third and it's giving a too many arguments. Here is the code so far: _ Public Shared Function Unregister Hot Key(By Val hwnd As Int Ptr, _ By Val id As Integer) As Integer End Function Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System.

This is probably something really simple and I'm also a nub so go easy.

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MOD_CONTROL 0x0002 Either CTRL key must be held down.

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