With Chrome 32.0.1700.41 it is either a memory leak or a garbage collector problem or similar.


Firefox 25.0.1 actually starts out growing too, but then levels off around 500 MB.

Update: here is a sample video, the 1080p version which was capture by the R-Pi showing the browser on a tablet displaying the MJPEG stream via the wifi link.

You can get an idea of the lag, due to the video feedback effect. v=RQHKQPZg EVUThis looks very promising but is it possible to use the images the camera makes on a custom webpage, like with mjpg-streamer or something else ?

I guess the point of this program is that you don't need raspistill/vid anymore, you can capture stills or video directly from the browser.

Probably it is possible to add a button to the control window to stop and start the raspimjpeg process, for convenience.thanks, uncomment it in rc.local stopped the exclusive access I´m testing the Pi Cam as webcam, because the image quailty is surprisingly very good so I need raspistill working in a shell script Well done website, by the way! I've now tried the RPi Cam Web Interface with raspimjpeg with browsers on my phone, a Win XP desktop, and a Lenovo 20326 Windows 8 tablet.

Any help or steering into the right direction is greatly appreciated! Using this IP address, you can access the interface in your browser, just like you would do locally. not having to connect to the VPN), I would love to hear about it!

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