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The patients with bilateral LDD (7%) were excluded from the study.

The two-proportions test was showed the statistically significant difference (P = 0.001 and Human body, which appears symmetrical along the midline grossly, is, in fact, asymmetrical both morphologically and physiologically.

Results: In operated side analysis, discectomy side was 53% on the left side, 40% on the right side, the difference between two sides was statistically significant.

Conclusion: The asymmetric distribution may be a significant factor in the development and surgical treatment of lumbar disc herniations.

In all patients, discectomy was carried out through a standard inter-laminar approach.

In each of the 91 patients, a detailed preoperative physical examination included; assessment of the range of motion of the spine; evaluation of the ipsilateral and crossed straight-leg raising tests; and neurological examination that included assessment of motor strength, deep tendon reflexes, and sensation and magnetic resonance imaging evidence of disc protrusion.

Wolff's law says bone formation occurs along lines of stress the bones and muscles respond by growing more vigorously and increasing in density on exposure to repeated high levels of mechanical loading.

Onset of lumbar disc in human often is associated with bipedal ambulation.

Theories propose that this transformation in the mechanics of locomotion is the inciting evolutionary event that made the lumbar spine susceptible to degenerative disease.

If the primary sources of disc pathology are these forces/stresses acting on the spine, why did the spine not evolve into a more rigid structure?

Recently, it was reported that cartilage end plate degeneration is usually accompanied by loss of cellularity and this loss may be a crucial key factor in initiation and development of degenerative disc disease.

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