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Perel helps us to explore this crucial third component through her theories on the pitfalls of modern intimacy within long term relationships, and her beliefs on how we can sustain our erotic vitality within the monogamous setting. by John Gottman Gottman is a highly respected and influential researcher within the psychology community, and for good reason.

He has analyzed and watched (through in house cameras) so many couples interact throughout the years, that he can predict divorce – with 91 percent accuracy – after watching and listening to a couple for only five minutes! His book is an easy read, peppered with fascinating statistics, that is bound to offer something to every relationship.

A very philosofical sentence in the movie is ' Does is never ends? Men could say it illustrates the writer's longing for worldwide peace, also regarding the end of the movie which illustrates the Middle East conflict.

Ich bin die fesche Lola Music by Friedrich Hollaender (as Friedrich Hollaender) Lyrics by Robert Liebmann Performed by Carice van Houten (c) 1930 by Ufaton-verlagsgesellschaft mb H (BMG Music Publishing Germany), Munich See more » This is definitely one of the best films ever made in Holland. In my opinion, even if you dislike WW2 movies, you really should see Zwartboek, this movie is about so much more than just the war.

Nikki Giovanni compiled an anthology of the 100 greatest African American poems. Even if you aren’t a poet, even if you don’t spend your weekends at poetry slams, you’ll like this collection.

Rachel, a Jew, rather unexpectedly meets an old friend at the kibbutz where she is working as a teacher.

It brings back memories of her experiences in The Netherlands during the war, memories of betrayal. Rachel is in trouble when her hiding place is bombed by allied troops.

She gets in contact with a man from the resistance and joins a group of Jews who are to be smuggled across the Biesbosch by boat to the freed South Netherlands.

In 2012, a study reported that 50 percent of Black women were sexually assaulted, raped, or molested by Black men by the time they reached age 18. And when you meet us, you wouldn’t know we’ve suffered a day in our life. Read Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, read Sula, read Song of Solomon.

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