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Shows such as are designed to get parents involved. Bring along a box or jar so you can collect treasures (feathers, unusual rocks, colorful leaves).This activity not only builds speaking skills but encourages your child to think of herself as a real reader even if she can't recognize a word. When you get home, have your child describe each item to the family: its color, shape, size, function, and where she found it. Get more great ideas on how to make a nature walk a blast for you and your child. One person starts making up a story ("Once upon a time, there was a little dragon who lived in a cave on a big hill"). Ask your child to tell you a simple story, and write it down.Then another person continues the story, and so on. You can prompt her by asking about a particular event such as a party or playdate.Let your child chime in whenever she wants, and if she can't come up with a whole line herself, prompt her with questions: What color was the dragon? If she leaves out key details or says something you don't understand, ask her to clarify.

Or read the story and purposely change key details to see if she corrects your "errors." Videotape your child looking at a book or telling a story.

When she describes something to you, rephrase it a bit and say it back to her.

("So, you and Sarah were at a very fancy tea party thrown by a princess?

Don't be surprised if you hear her repeating something you said when she talks to someone else. If you ask your child a broad question such as "What did you do at the park?

" you'll get a much more detailed answer than if you ask a yes or no question like "Did you have fun at the park?

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