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Do you sometimes have trouble understanding what your preschooler says?

You can help her hone her speaking skills by becoming an active listener.

To make this even more fun, have her dress up as a character and act out a scene. Ask her to talk about her performance, and praise her speaking ability.

Don't make a big deal out of any mispronunciations.

"If she's slow to answer, then be more specific: "What equipment did you play on?

" Give your child a chance to describe what she's been up to, and listen enthusiastically even if she gets lost in seemingly trivial details about her day at the park. And you might as well enjoy the conversation while it lasts: Soon enough you may have a close-mouthed teenager sitting across the dinner table from you! Your child will love to hear her own voice, and she'll be surprised and fascinated by how she sounds to other people.

This means not just hearing what your child says but getting involved in real conversations with her: Ask questions, make comments, keep the chat going, and give her plenty of opportunities to speak her mind.

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The idea is to get your child comfortable speaking in front of others, not prepare her for public office. Children love to talk about things they know something about and enjoy.

One of the easiest ways to get a conversation started is to ask your child what's happening on her favorite television program.

Then another person continues the story, and so on. You can prompt her by asking about a particular event such as a party or playdate.

Let your child chime in whenever she wants, and if she can't come up with a whole line herself, prompt her with questions: What color was the dragon? If she leaves out key details or says something you don't understand, ask her to clarify.

Describe a conversation you had at work with a friend.

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