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I did it properly and I’m in a happy place for it.” While her relationship with George remains strained, things couldn’t be better with the father of her eldest children, former Westlife star Brian Mc Fadden, 37 — though she admits he broke her heart when he dumped her after two years of marriage in 2004.“He was the love of my life and I desperately wanted us to work out,” she says.

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It shows Kerry rolling on the ground in a car park with her trousers around her ankles. I hadn’t gone out for eight months and I’d just split from George again.

The 37-year-old standing before me is a far cry from the troubled star pictured looking jaded and bloated in unflattering bikinis on holiday in recent years.

But after kicking her greasy take­away habit and unhealthy relationship, and taking up yoga and exercise, the 5ft 2in singer has shed three stone within a year. She gets up at 5.30am daily for 20 minutes’ yoga and is on a strict “man ban” after splitting from third husband George Kay. “I’d love to get my leg over but I don’t want a relationship. It does wonders for my ego and I wouldn’t rule out a toyboy, but I don’t want anything serious right now.

Kerry wanted to face the break-up with a clear head so, having consulted her doctor, swapped her bipolar meds for exercise nine months ago.

She stresses: “I’m not recommending people just come off their meds without consulting their doctor first.

She explains: “I feel like I went through all that stuff so I could help other people.

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