Armenian dating 2016


Archaeologists managed to dig up the oldest of the wineries in one of the caves in Armenia, near the village Areni, proving that people distilled grapes already in the distant Bronze age, more than 6.000 years ago.

The festival is an 800-year-old Armenian tradition of harvest celebration, similar to the American Thanksgiving, dating back to the old country.Taking place in September, the celebration brings together music, food, and of course prpoor, which is the molasses that forms when grape is brewed.History of Armenian Cuisine Cuisine of Armenia is one of the oldest cuisines of Asia and the oldest in Caucasus.Vegetable oils are used in Armenian cuisine less frequently- for preparation of fish and some vegetable dishes.Finally, another feature of the Armenian cuisine – tasty snacks and a nourishing soup.Also sweet sudzhukh– mulberry or grape mixture stuffed with walnuts is popular in Armenia.

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