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Anna Kendrick called the late actor “such a talent.” The likes of Kevin Smith, John Francis Daley,and Jay Baruchel also paid tribute to the actor.

Yelchin died after being pinned between a brick mailbox pillar and his car early Sunday morning.

My condolences and prayers to his family and to his legions of fans.

Rest in Eternal Peace.” See more reactions below, updated with more as they continue to roll in.

John Cho, who co-starred with him in the “Star Trek” reboot, called him “curious, beautiful, courageous.” “I’m in ruins,” he added.

Guillermo del Toro, who was set to direct Yelchin as part of the voice cast for the upcoming “Trollhunters,” called Yelchin “a great creative partner and artist.” “Our hearts are heavy with this tragic news and Anton’s family and friends are in our thoughts,” said “Trollhunters” producers Netflix and Dream Works Animation in a statement.” Kat Dennings, who co-starred with him in “Charlie Bartlett,” called Yelchin one of her best friends.

And if you've seen (2011): That was Yelchin playing Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster's son in the unfortunately titled (and timed) dysfunctional-dad dramedy in which Gibson's depressed businessman starts communicating only via Beaver puppet.

"For as sad as all the characters are, and as depressing as the film can get, it was a really light and fun set.It was a blast." (2015): Yelchin probed even darker territory in this thriller, currently streaming with Amazon Prime, in which he played a member of a punk band that shows up for a club gig, only to wind up fighting for their lives against neo-Nazis and the club's insane owner, played by Patrick Stewart in his least Xavier or Picard-like role.(2016): Head back to Netflix to perk things up with this animated series (OK, not a film, but commercial-free and with movie studio pedigree), created by Guillermo Del Toro, in which Yelchin voiced Jim, a teen who finds a magical amulet that propels him on a journey to save , meanwhile, that work the actor did for his character's story arc before he died will be featured in the Netflix/Dreamworks original series' second season."We knew we wanted to preserve as much of the performance of Anton as possible, both from an artistic and a human point of view, and also simply because I think it's a tribute to what we think he brings to the role of Jim," the director said.' It was like trying to get a girl's number at a bus stop. He's freakishly mature, artistic, and I learned things from him." (2007): Streaming with Amazon Prime, Yelchin played a trouble-making rich kid who feigns various psychoses and ailments in order to get his hands on prescription drugs to sell.But Charlie's charisma also makes him a natural confidante among his peer, making him a Ferris Bueller-style BMOC—and life especially starts to look up when he starts dating Kat Dennings' Susan, the daughter of his new school's alcoholic principal played by a scene-stealing (obviously) Robert Downey Jr.“Actor Anton Yelchin was killed in a fatal traffic collision early this morning,” said a statement from his representative.

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