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"His name was brought up to me early, but I said I don't want to work with a kid that I can only work with for six hours a day...

Butut I finally gave in and agreed to see Anton, because everyone kept talking about him.

It was a blast." (2015): Yelchin probed even darker territory in this thriller, currently streaming with Amazon Prime, in which he played a member of a punk band that shows up for a club gig, only to wind up fighting for their lives against neo-Nazis and the club's insane owner, played by Patrick Stewart in his least Xavier or Picard-like role.

"For as sad as all the characters are, and as depressing as the film can get, it was a really light and fun set.

We’re currently thinking how lucky we are to have gotten to know Yelchin through his incredible body of work (which was truly epic for someone so young), and remembering just how much he had to offer this world.

“Star Trek” and “Alpha Dogs” Anton Yelchin died early Sunday morning in a freak car accident at the age of 27, his rep confirmed.

Along with “Star Trek,” Yelchin was also known for roles in “Alpha Dog,” “Like Crazy” and “Terminator Salvation.” His early career included a role as a series regular on the 2004-2006 Showtime series “Huff,” in which he co-starred with Hank Azaria as the lead character’s the 15-year-old son.

Azaria remembered the actor on Sunday as “a very sweet kid.” “Anton was an immense talent,” said his ‘Star Trek’ co-star Jason Matthew Smith in a statement.

The rub is that Milo isn't in any rush to be born and he's holding up the natural order of things because babies are born in the exact order in which they're conceived in this uplifting but obviously trippy-as-all-get-out flick—which is streaming with Amazon Prime.

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