Anthony callea still dating tim campbell


Can two high-flyers really live together in harmony?We take a glimpse into the private lives of some of Melbourne’s most public couples to find out how they make it work.Jim’s pretty pragmatic so he deals with the bad games pretty calmly and you can see how determined he is to get better for next time.” She says Jimmy keeps his cool even when the pressure’s on.“I often ask him how he isn’t more stressed, particularly with those big games like grand finals. ’ I think he just loves playing.” As much as he loves the game, she says he has always been hugely supportive of her career.The couple has worked hard on the cause for 14 years. “Without Kate’s continued enthusiasm for the idea it would not have been possible for me to keep doing it.” Julian says it has changed his life hugely. Our interests intersect always about issues.” What does Julian think when he sees Kate at work in her studio?

The CD/DVD is a 17 track live recording that celebrates George Michael’s exciting catalogue of endless and classic hits. “I think I did the art world a favour by deciding to be a lawyer.” Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell met in 2007 while playing flatmates in the stage show Rent.Eight years later they’re a couple, sharing houses in Melbourne and Los Angeles. ’ And I’m like, ‘If anything there’s more understanding because you get where you’re coming from’.” Tim: “I’ve seen couples break up because of that … I’m forever saying, ‘You go and sell a massive record in America and I’ll be fine’.I’ve always seen artists as people who play, not serious people.” Kate and Julian are talking in their historic Hawthorn home, replete with artworks on the walls and sculptures in the garden. “The arts have always been very important to me,” says Julian.“I’ve always regarded artists as among the most important people in any civilisation.“Your family and social calendar seems to get organised after the football training calendar gets done.” Fortunately, she says, the pressures and disappointments of the football field don’t really intrude into their home life.

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