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This is getting long so basically what I'm trying to say to you is: same thing I said to Andy.

And to ALL of you and anyone else who currently thinks like you, I would say this:"Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching the people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want."--- Mother Teresa This song is getting way more comments than it deserves.

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Many bands would have made the song sound like a political protest or "preachy." They took the high road.People that havent really have no right to comment on the rights or wrongs of abortion. I was always aware while I was pregnant that I was not alone. I LOVE this song, but I am disturbed by one of the above comments.The part about how, now she's alone & I'm alone & now I know it. There was a little soul inside my body & I was always aware it was there with me. Sorry to say it Abby from Austrailia, but you are the idiot.It has the capacity to grow and develop and self actuate independent of the will of other self actuating entities. Tell me: Does the woman who is pregnant have the willful power to tell the fetus to stop growing, Yes or No? Maybe two, if you're currently feeling particularly [email protected], Voorhees NJ - a pregnancy would have ruined their plans??? Do you know what kind of state society devolves to when men and women act compulsively on their own illogical, self-absorbed notions without taking into serious consideration the aftereffects of those actions (i.e.first of all i love this song, it is personal, lovely to listen to, and has deep and thoughtful political s--t isn't want ben wanted in the first place and this shouldn't be the place to air out all BLAKE from london, you have that picture story completely doctor wasn't doing an abortion when that picture was taken (and i know exactly the one you were talking about)the doctor was doing heart surgery on the baby to save it's life when it grabbed his finger.before you start spreading propaganda and forcing your beliefs (which don't really matter since you can't get pregenant)you should check your facts first. I had an abortion in 2009, it was and always will be the biggest mistake of my life.

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