Amanda knox still dating

From an Internet café, he had a Skype conversation with his friend Giacomo Benedetti who was co-operating with the Italian police.

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By March 2008, it was well known that Meredith had spent her entire Halloween in the company of friends, first in the Merlin pub before they later moved on to Domus disco.

Several items of physical evidence, attributable to him, were found at the crime scene: According to Guede's own account, he arranged with Meredith to meet her at her house and arrived about ; he became intimate with her (consensually) but they did not have sex; Meredith discovered her rent money was missing and blamed Knox; Guede, having eaten a suspect kebab earlier, had to use the bathroom; while in there with his i Pod headphones on, he heard the doorbell ring then heard Meredith scream; he rushed out of the bathroom without flushing the toilet; he confronted a knife-wielding Italian man who had stabbed Meredith in the neck; the man fled, saying "Black man found, black man guilty"; Guede had tried to staunch the blood from Meredith's neck with towels, but had given up, gone home visited a friend and then gone out to a disco.

At different times, Guede gave different versions of this story: for instance, the time and place where Guede supposedly made the arrangement with Meredith to meet her.

Rudy began a long-term friendship with her son Gabriele and another schoolmate, Giacomo Benedetti, It was during this time that Rudy Guede was taken in and fostered by the Caporali family.

Rudy had become very keen on basketball and, through his association with the local semi-pro team had become acquainted with one of the Caporali boys, who also played, and whose father's firm sponsored the team.

By this time, the Scientific Police had identified his presence at the murder scene by his bloody handprint which matched one they had on file from his application for citizenship.

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