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In December 2007, Guede claimed that he met her at a Halloween party given by Spanish students.By March 2008, it was well known that Meredith had spent her entire Halloween in the company of friends, first in the Merlin pub before they later moved on to Domus disco.In March Rudy changed the location of his meeting with her from the Spanish party to Domus, which by chance Rudy had also attended following the party.However, neither Meredith’s friends who were continuously in her company nor those who accompanied Rudy to the Domus witnessed any meeting between the two.He knew Meredith and Knox from the upper floor and, although he had chatted with both of them, he was particularly interested in Knox and inquired as to whether she was seeing anyone.He was well-received at the house, having gone there one Sunday to watch a Formula One race, and on another occasion having returned from the clubs at 2 in the morning, then spent the night asleep on the toilet.Rudy began a long-term friendship with her son Gabriele and another schoolmate, Giacomo Benedetti, It was during this time that Rudy Guede was taken in and fostered by the Caporali family.

Guede was certainly present at the cottage (and admitted so) but, when and how he entered, what he did while he was there and when he left, remain controversial.Guede had not forced an entry into the school; he did not threaten the Principal, but calmly waited with her for the police to arrive; he did not remove anything from the premises; and he had a reasonably plausible story to explained his acquisition of the stolen goods. A charge of possession of stolen goods was eventually brought in February 2008, by which time Guede was in custody for Meredith's murder.Numerous media reports describe Guede as a drug dealer, but there is little evidence for this assertion and he was never convicted of a drugs offence (or any other kind of offence), nor found in possession of drugs or drugs paraphernalia.They lived in a flat in Ponte San Giovanni, a working-class suburb of Perugia.One of these carers was a Mrs Mancini, who had been Rudy's maths teacher at school and who continued to take an interest in him as he grew up.Instead, he started skipping school and spending his time in front of the television or playing computer games.

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