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Facebook won’t be directly monetizing Messenger Kids, automatically migrating kids to real accounts when they turn 13 or collecting data so that it complies with Children’s Online Privacy Protections Act (COPPA) law.

But the app could prime kids to become lifelong Facebook users, and lock their families deeply into the platform where they’ll see ads.

Once the parent has authenticated it with their own account, they set up a mini-profile with their kid’s name and photo.

Then, using the Messenger Kids bookmark in the main Facebook app, parents can approve anyone who is friends with them as a contact for their kid, like aunts and uncles or godparents.

Facebook hired a special team to develop kid-friendly creative tools, from fidget spinner and dinosaur AR masks to crayon-style stickers.

“Video calls become so much more playful with AR,” says Marcus.

“We’ve been working closely with the FTC so we’re lockstep with them.

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Students applying to online programs and sites outside of Alabama must meet application deadlines listed on the academic calendar.“When you think about things at scale that we do to get people to care more about Messenger, this is one that addresses a real need for parents,” say Facebook’s head of Messenger David Marcus.“But the side effect will be that they use Messenger more and create family groups.” Marcus tells me he’s excited about getting his 8-year-old into the family chat alongside his 14- and 17-year-old children.Finding the TROY location that provides the academic program you will need to reach your education and career goals is important and is the first step in beginning your TROY journey.To view the TROY locations offering the program you are most interested in, please view our Academic Program chart.So if a child wants to be able to chat with one of their classmates, their parent must first friend that kid’s parent, and then will see the option to approve that adult’s child as a contact for their own kid.

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